Downtown Shreveport at Night

Shreveport-Bossier Nightlife

When the lights begin to hum along the Texas Street Bridge, the night comes to life in Northwest Louisiana.

Experience all the sights, sounds and fun of Northwest Louisiana. Nestled along the Red River, Shreveport-Bossier’s nightlife offers a wide variety of gourmet restaurants, dance venues, theaters, nightclubs and local watering holes.

Take in a show, dance the night away with acts like Grammy award nominee Buddy Flett or Professor Porkchop and the Dirty Dishes, or catch a movie premiere! There is always something to do when it comes to spending a night out on the town in Northwest Louisiana.

Live music & dancing

Live music is a hallmark of Shreveport. In 2013, crowds lined downtown Shreveport to take in the sights and sounds of the inaugural “Louisiana Music Prize,” which drew some of the region’s top local acts.

A night out in Northwest Louisiana isn’t complete without visiting one of the region’s many spacious dance halls and music venues, where you can dance to  the tunes of local acts or relax and enjoy performances from well-known artists.

From spacious dance halls to intimate venues with a vintage feel, Northwest Louisiana offers a wide variety of settings to enjoy live music and socialize with family, friends and co-workers or meet new people.

Movies & live events

Northwest Louisiana is home to the filming and production of some of the most well-known Hollywood blockbusters. The region is also home to a bevy of creative local filmmakers that drove organizers to establish the Louisiana Film Prize, an annual contest that draws crowds from across the state and beyond.

The region is also  home to a plethora of venues for a variety of events and festivals. Locals pack film venues and other events throughout the year to enjoy movies, social gatherings and more.

Photo Credit: Mollie Corbett Photography