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Fishing, Hiking and Exploring at Red River National Wildlife Refuge

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The Red River National Wildlife Refuge was established for the restoration and conservation of native plants and animal communities, making it a great place to observe Louisiana’s large numbers of migratory birds and other animals. Birding events are not the only activity in the refuge, they additionally host school programs, kids’ summer camps and workshops for educators throughout the year.

From sunrise to sunset, there are opportunities to fish, hike and view wildlife seven days a week. Approximately 6.5 miles of well-maintained and clearly marked trails are found throughout the refuge, ranging from short, winding loops through the forest to long, flat treks through meadows, swamps and all along the Red River. 

Several trails give scenic views of the Red River and Lake Caroline where hikers are likely to see raccoons and sometimes alligators. Known for its catfish, crappie and bass, there is an abundance of fish to be caught on the Red River by amateur and professional anglers alike during fishing season. 


Photo Credit: Red River National Wildlife Refuge