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Chimp Sanctuary is a Unique Family Trip

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Chimp Haven is a chimpanzee sanctuary established in 1995 south of Shreveport for rescued chimpanzees. The 220-acre sanctuary, complete with tall trees and climbing structures, allows the more than 140 chimps that currently live at the facility to live in large social groups to encourage development and rehabilitation. Chimp Haven is open to the public on special “Chimpanzee Discovery Days,” when visitors can observe the chimpanzees in their forested habitats, talk to staff about their personalities and natural behavior and explore the nature trail.

Chimp Haven also offers a “Classrooms that Care” program to area K-12 schools, a structured education program where regional students learn about chimpanzees in the classroom and then supplement their study with a trip to the Chimp Haven campus where they are able to observe the animals in their natural habitat.