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A.C. Steere Park Features Playground for Special Needs Children

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A.C. Steere Park in Shreveport is best known for its Leaps and Bounds Playground. The first of its kind in Louisiana and one of few in the U.S., the playground was built so all children, regardless of ability or disability, can play together. It includes:

  • A calming area for children with Autism
  • Rubberized, cushioned surface
  • Swing sets with safety harnesses
  • Water elements in the summer
  • Wheelchair access throughout play structures
  • Wind sculptures and outdoor musical instruments to accommodate the visually impaired

While the playground is built for children with special needs, those without will not notice the difference. A large play structure for children ages five to 12 includes slides and balancing and climbing elements. There are swings for all ages of children, including a tire swing for small groups and high back swings with safety harnesses that offer extra support. The toddler area features slides, tunnels and riding toys. Outdoor sculptures, musical instruments and raised flowerbeds provide additional sensory experiences.

 A.C. Steere Park also features a lighted ball field, picnic areas, tennis courts and a walking trail.